“Dr Lorelei Nassar is a Maxillo– Facial Surgeon currently living in Bucharest, Romania. After spending 15 years in Israel where she specialized as a surgeon, she went through numerous processes of teaching, including personal and spiritual development. In Israel, she studied not only Surgery but also Medical Hypnosis, Kabbalah, and other types of  Meditation Techniques.”


She launched the concept #psychodentistry, as she implemented it in her daily practice instruments learned throughout all of the trainings she had gone through. She is the director of a dental clinic in Bucharest. In addition, she lectures in numerous national and international conferences in countries such as Israel, China, Sweden, Finland, Mexico, Vietnam. Her passion for teaching is seen during the seminars she guides about dental surgery, or about non-verbal communication, and the importance of daily meditation as a tool to increase wellness, presence and efficiency. She is also the founder of the national representative of dental implants while acting as a leader of the Local Chapter of Monroe Institute in Bucharest, Romania.

ACSIS social foundation programmes


Dr. Lorelei Nassar organizes health prevention campaigns in schools in addition to the periodic companies for sponsoring dental treatments of children from the ACSIS social foundation. Throughout her collaboration with ACSIS Foundation, she has been  its lead fundraiser .

You can find more about her activity on the website www.drnassar.ro , facebook Lorelei Nassar and Clinica de Implantologie Lorelei Nassar , you-tube Clinica dr Nassar , Instagram dr.loreleinassar and Linkedin Lorelei Nassar .

Email : lorelei@drnassar.ro

“Urgent dead-line, hurry, multitasking, new boss related stress, the lack of time and the feeling that the day is too short… STOOOP!

I take a deep breath and focus on the moment. I breathe deeply and gather my rations of creativity and good, I breathe deeply and I am present in the present. I practice mindfulness.

And when being in the present happens to me in my office, I stare at it during the coffee break and it gives me curiosity to see what this mental hygiene includes, how to train my brain through silence makes me more creative – that is activism.

Cristian Olteanu

“Founding member of the I Love You Health Nutrition Academy, member of the multidisciplinary team of the Kilostop nutrition clinic, he is an accredited psychoterapist, trance specialist and Generative Coaching, having over 10 years of experience in short therapies, focused on rsources, solutions and eating behaviour disorders. Sports psychologist of the Romanian national women’s basketball team and of the men’s basketball team ”Știința București”. Communication trainer in the medical community, attending to over 100 conferences and trainings on various topics in the field of nutrition, anesthesia, family medicine and dentistry.”

Alexandra Popa

“Currently at British Embassy, Learning and Development Regional Adviser, Internal Coach”

– Clinical Psychologist
– Psychotherapist
– Certified Master Coach (Behavioural Coaching Institute)
– Career development facilitator (GCDF)
– Mindfulness Practitioner
– Assessment and Development Centre qualification (ADC London)