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“I liked the style. It felt as though someone was sitting next to me, telling a story.

The details about your life were fascinating – how you broke through religious, cultural, economic and language barriers to become a successful athlete, medical doctor and business woman

William Buhlman, researcher and best-seller author- see “Higher Self Now”, his latest release, about #Be THAT Person

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Transpersonal Psychology International Congress EUROTAS september 2021, Tallinn

Dr Lorelei Nassar formula de succes & best seller pe Amazon

Be That Person By Getting Transpersonal - Dr. Lorelei Nassar #mindfulness

Be that Person by Lorelei Nassar

Articol scris de Dr. Nassar, publicat in prestigiosul INTEGRAL TRANSPERSONAL JOURNAL

Be that Person by Lorelei Nassar

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as mental hygiene

Mindfulness or meditation as mental hygiene favours the appearence of alpha brain waves. Alpha waves are found in the brain’s activity during sleep; they are responsible of stimulating the creation and strength of neural connections. It is like brushing your teeth daily: you remove the food scraps with a brush, which would otherwise cause cavities. If you spend as little as 10 minutes each day meditating, you would remove the ruminants of stress and sanitize your brain.

Discovering Mindfulness through a surgeon is one of the most complex learning experiences. I felt it as a journey of initiation: from the concepts about the anatomy of the brain and all their functions that give man the instinct for survivial, emotions, balance and free will to the possibility to choose to calm your mind through music, vibrations, recalled experiences, but also scientifically documented stories. Mindfulness means self-discovery, curiosity and, why not, the awakening of the mind to look beyond reality and create its own realities.

The experience with Lorelei was like a dance that carried us with passion and dedication to knowledge but also with a concrete anchoring of what it means to live in the present and to enjoy what we have but also what we can see beyond appearances if we have an open mind. During the leadership program, the participants learned about a self-knowledge technique that would help them inspire and motivate those with whom they work.

Statement Roxana Crăciun
HR Manager Romania , The Adecco Group

I met Lorelei within the Business Women Forum Romania Leadership Program, where she was one of the inspirational ladies mentors. She immediately inspired me with her holistic approach to mindfulness: a state of spirit you could have at work, even in very tough carriers like dentistry, and in personal life alike. I took from her the feeling that meditation can be as natural and important as brushing our teeth. As such it should a routine and the roadmap for a successful and positive life.

Statement Ludmila Tones,

Managing Partner Positive Communication

We invited Lorelei as a speaker in the Business Women Forum Romania annual leadership project, including senior and executive managers targeting an open discussion about mindfulness and stress management. Lorelei performed a very unique workshop, full of examples and demonstrations, engaging the audience and triggering a very positive connection between the messages and their incorporation in each member’s daily living.
Together with a great meditation practice, we managed to enjoy the mindfulness experience in a wonderful way!
Thank you Lorelei, for your contribution and for enriching us with brilliant messages.

Statement Osnat Peled,

Business Woman Forum Romania President

Dr. Lorelei Nassar is a mentor and also my personal model! When I say Lorelei I see a smile, a colorful person and warmth on one hand, but also determination, courage and perseverance, on the other. I don’t think I will ever give up using all the advices she gave me!

Statement Dr. Carmen Ban,



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